Reasons to shop from us

We provide the freshest and highest quality pecans, while remembering and honoring the family traditions associated with pecans.

Premium Custom Shelled Use our mammoth size pecans to bake your favorite holiday recipe Pecan Pie, Fruit Cake or Pralines. Hand-picked to remove imperfects, small bits and shell.

Farm Shelled - Same pecan as above, just has not been hand-picked.

Cracked Pecans Gather the children and older folks around the table to work with their hands and share stories. Pecans and cracked shell together.

Gift Tins Remember someone special by mailing or wrapping a Foster Crossing Gift Tin from Texas.

You're welcome to come by our shop on Foster Crossing Road (old County Road 366) and we'll be glad to show you around, plus we have At-The-Barn pricing for all of our products.

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